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Pest control partner

We partner with pest control control companies across South Africa to assist in the safe and sustainable removal and rehoming of bees, snakes and wasp. We offer a professional, accredited and cost effective solution to these problems whilst also being able to offer you and your clientele a conservationist approach to pest control.

We offer 24/hr. survey times throughout Gauteng with full site inspection reports, project overviews and estimations in detailed word documents that you can then edit to your companies specifications.

All projects are precisely planned with full risk assessments, method statements and necessary certifications issued to suit your clients needs.

We offer our services on an ad-hoc requirement or as an addendum to current Service level agreements that you may have with current sites.

Non-disclosures, non-competes and all other legal protection required will be issued prior to entering into any services in order to protect both entities and their sensitive information.

Would you like to offer your client a more sustainable solution at a more cost effective rate than conventional killing?

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conservation partner

In  conservation

 Our wide array of networks within the conservation industry allow us to consistently find innovative approaches to replacing conventional pest control with a more sustainable approach which results in the saving of the animal/insect.

Our partners are made up of established and respected experts in their field and consult us on areas of sustainable pest control that we ourselves are not as experienced in. We have invested in our partners to ensure that they carry all the necessary accreditations and qualifications to cater to our clients.

Our partnerships in the industry, established brand and nationwide advertising aids us in supporting our partners.

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Wild Onez non-profit

Wild ones

  WILD ONEZ Animal Rescue Assistance NPC (WOARA) is a registered Non-profit company that we have partnered with to assist us in their areas of expertise which ranges from Snakes to all other reptiles, game animals, insects and amphibians. 

Founded by Julian Wilder, a fellow conservationist and respected animal handler - Wild ones have been able to consult and oversee the safe removal and rehoming or releasing of thousands of animals/insects.

They assist us with the following:

  • Snake removals

  • Reptile removals

  • Wildlife - fully permitted

  • Adoption solutions

  • Exotic rescue assist

  • Removal, rescue and relocations.

If you would like to make a donation to this NPC, please contact us for their proof of accounts document.

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