Bee Sanctuaries


Are you looking to assist us in tackling the rapid decline of global Bee populations?

The global populations of these ever so vital pollinators are under severe threat due to a multitude of causes such as climate change, habitat loss, pesticides and so on.

Our Bee Sanctuaries offer our clients the chance to establish an apiary (site with a few beehives) on their commercial business premises.

These sanctuaries provide a safe space for the bees to live and prosper through re-population whilst also providing the company with some company branded honey from their own bees to either be giving to staff, suppliers or clients.

These apiaries offer the site massive benefits such as aiding in reaching sustainability  goals, incredible marketing topic and potential for community outreach with these sites also potentially being used for beekeeping education and staff team building. The surrounding forestry will also massively benefit from the increased pollination rates.

All sites will be individually assessed with a full proposal and risk assessment and remediation program in place prior to the launch.

All maintenance, emergency response and honey harvesting and packaging will be done by us as apart of the package.

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