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Bee Sanctuaries

Bee sanctuaries

What are they  ?


Bee Sanctuaries are the Bee Kulture Corporate Social Responsibility sustainability initiative offering to environmentally conscious clients.

Bee Sanctuaries  consist of between 1-5 live beehives on the site of the client which are secured, serviced and maintained by Bee Kulture beekeepers.

What are the benefits  ?


  • Bee Sanctuaries  provide a safe space for bees to live, repopulate and prosper.

  • Bee Sanctuaries  produce honey for the client (150-200 bottles per annum) who can give it to staff, suppliers or clients. 

  • Bee Sanctuaries offer clients new, visual and interactive opportunities to reach sustainability initiative goals.

  • Bee Sanctuaries provide much needed pollination to the surrounding environment by increasing pollination.


Quality assurance 

  • Site run on service level agreement basis.

  • Site inspected monthly, with all risk mitigators inspected.

  • Greenery maintained by Bee Kulture personnel in full Beekeeping PPE.

  • Service level agreement comprising of site specific requirements.

  • Safe Operating Procedure Document to be mutually drawn up and adhered to by both parties.



  1. Initial site suitability survey conducted.

  2. Proposal put forward to client.

  3. Mutual service level agreement requirements, H&S requirements and final details agreed upon.

  4. Site construction (3-4 days).

  5. Site unveiling ceremony and presentation.

  6. Service level obligations undertaken.

  7. Site receives 150-200 bottles of honey per annum.

Bee Sanctuary video 

Are they safe ?


  • Full Risk assessments are conducted on site prior to any considerations being made to identify suitability of site.

  • Bee Sanctuaries are secured by fences, warning signs as well as mechanisms on the beehives restricting access.

  • Workshops are held annually with all stakeholders who may interact with or near to the bee sanctuary to teach safe operating practices .

  • Once the sites risks have been identified and mitigated, all Bee Kulture personnel working on site will adhere to the Safe Operating procedure designed with site.

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