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Sustainable  solutions

SUstainable solutions

Whilst we specialise in the safe and sustainable pest control of bees, wasps and snakes - our nationwide network of fellow conservationists allows us to consult and assist with a wide variety of other "pests" that you would rather rescue and remove than kill.

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Bee   Removals

Our longest standing sustainable service. The removal of beehives in any space is our bread and butter. With our well equipped, certified and experienced teams we are able to safely and sustainably remove and relocate hives of any size to one of our apiaries where they can live and prosper.

Bees are the most important pollinators int he world and vital to world food security.

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Bee removals

Wasp removals

Wasp remvals

Wasps, like bees are also pollinators.

We are vastly experienced in removing and rehoming all predominant wasp species in South Africa.

We are able to remove the wasps along with their nests before we release them into nature reserves.

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Snake removals

Snakes, whilst potentially dangerous, are often harmless unless threatened. They also play a crucial role in the food chain.

Our partners are avid snake keepers and expert snake catchers.

Speak to us about the safe removing and releasing of any snake species.

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Service level agreements

Tailor made and bespoke sustainable solutions for sites who have to consistently remedy the presence of bees, wasps or snakes. 

These agreements are monthly contractual service guarantees such as monthly inspections, annual training seminars and guaranteed response times.

Each agreement is tailor made to suit each site and their requirements and is a lot more cost effective than continuously paying reactive as opposed to pro-active prices.

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Snake removals
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