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"A  culture  of  conservation "

Sustainable  services

All of our sustainable pest control solutions do not harm any animals or insects.




           Bee removals                               Wasp removals                              Snake removals

*For all other sustainable pest control solutions click here

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Pest  control  Partners

Providing professional, accredited and sustainable services at a cost effective rate allows us to partner with established pest control companies who wish to invest in sustainability and conservation.

Why kill when you can save?

Partners in pest control

Partners in conservation

Wild Ones NPC



About us 

Find out more about our humble beginnings, what we offer and what we plan to do!

About us


In the news

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Bee Sanctuary

Partner with Bee Kulture to establish a Bee Kulture Bee sanctuary to set up a sustainability initiative on your site focusing on Honeybees.

Bee sanctuary



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